About Orcas

Young and fresh ideas meet the American promotion market! 100% Customized products with european Design and excellent quality!

Our products are only distributed through promotion distributors.

Get introduced to creative products and individual customer design and unique service quality made by Orcas.

Orcas is different

Orcas stands for high quality products, international competence and 30 years promotion-market-experience. Orcas, as a PSI member, is a well-known brand in the European promotion market.

In addition to thousands of unique promotional items offered in our in our online catalog, Orcas USA will design and engineer custom promotional items for your marketing needs. Our resources span the globe to bring inventive and high quality logo merchandise to meet your marketing challenges. Our sales and customer service teams are ready to consult with you today to make your custom promotions a reality. Orcas USA is located in Florida.